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Personal Meditation Assistant

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  • STEP-BY-STEP COURSES: Features sequential, in-depth instruction on topics like kick-starting your meditation practice with our "Starter Series" and feeling more joy with "Uncovering Happiness. Grab a meditation cushion or pillow and start breathing.
  • PERSONAL MEDITATION ASSISTANT: This makes meditation easy by taking the guesswork out of your practice and providing real-time feedback to help you recognize when you have become distracted and guiding you back to a focused and calm state.
  • MINDFUL MORNINGS & RESTFUL NIGHTS: Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending it with a night of blissful and restorative sleep. The extended 10-hour battery life allows users to seamlessly go from daytime use into bedtime prep.
  • MEDITATION MADE EASY: The Muse Meditation app can help you build a daily meditation and mindfulness practice with our curated collections geared toward increased confidence and happiness, focus, work performance, sleep, anxiety, and stress reduction.
  • 300+ GUIDED MEDITATIONS: Gain access to hundreds of guided meditation sequences from renowned meditation instructors that use a variety of different teaching styles available with helpful guidance in every session.

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