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How Soon Can You return to Makeup after LASIK Eye Surgery?

There is no doubt that women value their makeup. They consider it a vital way to express beauty and create the exact look that matches every occasion. However, the eyes are the core part of how you look. After undergoing LASIK eye surgery, some people may worry about looks. LASIK surgery is an excellent way to transform your face into what you desire, starting with your eyes. Imagine a world without eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

That is the same world you have after undertaking lasik eye surgery. You need not worry about your false eyelashes or need to trim your rims or reshow your makeup behind the glass frames. As for the contact lenses, you don’t need them anymore. Instead, you can begin to take them off without any worry about irritation freely. In other words, using LASIK eye surgery means that you can simplify your makeup process. Click here for sides effects of laser eye surgery explained.

However, preparing for LASIK eye surgery requires you to stay away from makeup for a while. After the procedure, you will have to give your eyes and face some break so as not to trigger irritation around the eyes. Since LASIK eye surgery has up in no time, you can be confident that the time to stay off makeup is not a prolonged one. Having the best operative procedure, you can get back to wearing makeup again in no time and maintain good eye hygiene

How Soon Can You return to Makeup after LASIK Eye Surgery?

Wearing makeup after LASIK Eye Surgery

During the pre-operation session with your eye surgeon, you will undergo consultations where you will learn how to prepare ahead of your procedure. These processes may involve some do’s and don’t’s for your eyes before the time of the operation. One of the pieces of information also requires the non-use of makeup until the doctor says it is now okay to resume. You cannot wear any makeup on the day of the medical procedure. 

The doctors generally advise that latest, 24 hours before you enter the theatre, you should refrain from makeup to get the best results. Also, if you are the one that uses some level of eyelashes extension, you may need to remove those. After the procedure, you cannot return to anything you removed until you have thoroughly recovered from the process and the doctor gives the nod. The recovery period may span up to 2 months after the surgery. 

You should get the best advice from a professional consultant on such eye problems. It may also depend on the company and how much funds they are willing to release. Some makeup apparatus r processes to avoid include eye shadow, mascara, and eyeliner. A minimum of a week should be left without these artificial methods and equipment. That way, you can be sure that the recovery process will be smooth without complications. 

Although, you can be able to wear foundation and concealer a few days after your surgery. But it is still best to completely stay off these items until your eyes are perfect following the surgery. If you insist on trying out some of the above, be prepared not to apply them close to the eyes. We will gladly supply more detailed information during the surgery or your post-operative consultation. 

Tips for using makeup after LASIK Eye Surgery

Suppose you eventually have to wear makeup after your LASIK surgery. In that case, a few tips can help you achieve the best results. Taking the following steps can also help you avoid any irritation or discomfort associated with the procedure. The prizes are helpful for healing until you get your life back and return to full makeup.

  1. Use face makeup only

There are many aspects of makeup to look beautiful. But after undergoing LASIK eye surgery, kindly stick to the face makeup only. This advice is even necessary only for those who feel it is essential to use eye products after the procedure. It is advisable to stick only to face makeup and avoid using eyeliner or mascara. On the other hand, you can also apply lipstick, foundation, blush, and similar ones far away from the eyes. 

Similarly, ensure you understand the right makeup products that suit your eyes, not just any off-the-shelf product. We have a team of experts who tell you which products contain suitable materials that are safe for your face and eyes. This step is significant for those who want to reintroduce their face to makeup after a while.

How Soon Can You return to Makeup after LASIK Eye Surgery?
  1. Do away with the eyeliner

Using the eyeliner increases the chance that you will have to squeeze your eyes during the application. That action is terrible and injurious to the eyes that recently underwent surgery. In other cases, you should place the liner at the upper part of your water line to have a more complete and broader look. But when you wear any makeup material very close to the eyes, you increase the chance of poking the eyes without knowing or even causing irritation. So, the safest way is to avoid using makeup altogether during this period. 

  1. Stop rubbing too hard

Rubbing your face too hard because you want to remove your makeup will not be good counsel for a LASIK patient. Not that the method is smooth, too, because it mean we are no longer pulling the waterproof liner. For some weeks after the procedure, if you want to get the best result from the process, you should take heed of these pieces of advice from professionals

  1. Avoid expired products

All expired products are completely a no-go area for you. So, whenever you are buying makeup items, always check the expiry date of the article to see confirmation. Many of the items in a typical lady’s kit for makeup can expire in no time. For example, the mascara has a low shelf-life which may not exceed three months. Insisting on using these items can increase the chance of getting more eye infections or even acne and other eye or face defections. 


Would you like to learn how soon you can return to your makeup after LASIK eye surgery? Then, ask us. We also offer a free consultation to our medical team on how to go about the entire process. Moreover, you should attend to our core tips that can give you the best results from your LASIK eye procedure.