Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry: How & Why Do People Use Them?

Aromatherapy Diffuser Jewelry: How & Why Do People Use Them?

Essential oils have fantastic health benefits. If you haven't used one, you should. Then you can appreciate the goodness of essential oil. For example, if you feel stressed, the lavender essential oil is stellar for lowering tensions and stress levels. Into beauty rituals? Using sweet orange essential oil in DIY masks can make your skin glowy and smooth. You know another interesting thing about essential oils, you can use them on a type of bracelets. And that's what we are talking about. 

These bracelets are called aromatherapy bracelets jewelry. But it's not limited to bracelets only; they come in the form of pendants, bangles, and rings as well. Essential oil diffuser bracelets/jewelry are made of porous materials that can absorb essential oils. The materials of aromatherapy jewelry beads can be made out of lava stone, wood, leather, or clay. These beads not just absorb the oils but also release the scent and effects on the wearer. 

How do you wear these bracelets?

You don't need essential oils from a particular, just a porous bracelet that can absorb the oils to give the benefits. If you already have a bracelet like that, you can use it too. Essential oils usually come in a set, so you can get all of them at an affordable price. 

Choose your ideal bracelet and add a couple of drops of oil to it. Make sure you drop the oil on the porous material. Rub the oil gently onto the bracelet's beads/material to activate its soaking potential. You can even add different essential oils onto the material at once. After you have massaged the oils into the bracelet, it's time to wear it. The staying power depends on the oil's potential and the porosity of the material.

Tips and tricks to use essential oil jewelry

You can ditch your perfumes

Some people tend to stay away from perfumes with toxic chemicals and alcohol. These ingredients can be allergenic or harmful to skin and health. If you don't want to put toxic ingredients on your skin, wearing aromatherapy diffuser jewelry will benefit you and make you feel relaxed and refreshed. The natural oils in the essential oils have nothing toxic in them, and that's why they are safe to use on the skin. Use a readymade oil or make your own ones and apply them onto your jewelry. You can also soak them in oils for half an hour so that jewelry materials can absorb more oils.

You can gift this cute jewelry to your friend

You can gift this cute jewelry to your friend

These bracelets and pendants are affordable and cute, which makes them great gifts for your friends. If your friend is into mindfulness practices and likes using essential oils, this jewelry will be perfect for them. Pack one or two of this jewelry along with a set of essential oils and give that to your friend. They will provide you with a serene smile! If you have a friend who goes with logic and a rational mind, fear not; just give them these stylish bracelets or lockets (or both), and they will love them. This aromatherapy jewelry's uniqueness is that it can be worn with or without applying essential oils and still manages to look cool!

Helps with your yoga or meditation practice

Yoga and meditations are here for centuries now. Doing them regularly can be very beneficial for your body and psyche. If you practice either of them, you will also know that in both practices, you need to establish a mind and body connection. You need to work on your breathing technics and postures, and essential oils help you relax. Adding a drop of oil to your diffuser bracelet right before your practice can help you stay calm and enjoy the wonderful scent throughout the sessions. For better results, choose lavender, peppermint, or lemongrass essential oils.

Keep pesky bugs away! Mosquitoes, flies, and pesky little bugs have this remarkable ability to irritate us and make us extremely mad. Bug sprays and repellants aren't effective at all. But this doesn't mean there are no ways of keeping them off of you. Enter *drumrolls*...essential oils! Yes, you've read it right; the right kind of essential oil can keep bugs and mosquitoes away from you. A blend of Lemongrass, Citronella, and Germanium essential oil can ward off any bug from your house. Use the mixture in a home diffuser to kill off the mosquitoes roaming in your house. If you are going out where there are possible threats of mosquitoes or bugs, add oils to the diffuser jewelry will create a protective barrier against the insects.

The bestsellers from our shop

1. Essential oil diffuser necklace for cat lovers

The necklace is a perfect gift for cat lovers because it's available in various cat designs. It is stylish, fashionable and very efficient. The magnetic lock design makes it tight and secure so that the inner foam pad doesn't come out. Speaking of the foam pad, it's made of a hygienic and absorbable material that quickly soaks up the oil without causing any spill. The entire locket is made up of stainless steel, which means it's rust-proof and doesn't have an adverse effect on the body. Apply oils onto the pads to relieve yourself from stress, anxiety, and bugs, of course! It is also an excellent tool for improving your focus and attention.

2. Essential oil diffuser locket bracelet

The diffuser bracelet is made of high-grade 316L stainless steel, and the belt is made of genuine leather. So, wearing them daily is comfortable and problem-free. The bracelet lets you enjoy the essential oils' goodness by comprising padded foams inside for oil absorption. As the leather belt is genuine, you can rub some oils on the straps too! The design is pretty stylish and fits every individual. Included are 12 colored washable cotton pads to match your style. Reduce your everyday stress and beat your blues using these cuties!

3. Adjustable lava stone bracelet

This bracelet is made of lava rock; as you know, lava rocks are extremely porous and can absorb essential oils pretty brilliantly. The pores will trap the oil and diffuse the oil/scent slowly onto the skin for added benefits. Don't worry! Your wrists won't feel like an oil tank, and the bracelet creates a barrier between the oil and your skin. These bracelets are adjustable and can fit most wrists, so no fuss over measuring your wrist size. The stone is comfortable to wear and convenient for everyday usage which means, it won't get degraded after coming into contact with water or air. Wear it when you are meditating or doing yoga to help you relax and be more in tune with your mind and body. The bracelet is also great anxiety and stress-buster.


Now you know why we love these ingenious tools! They might look small and cute, but they do their job proficiently. Even if you aren't a fan of essential oils, you may still want to own these bracelets because they are adorbs! Even you can't deny that! 

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