Beat The Stress With These 7 Stress-Buster Tools

Beat The Stress With These 7 Stress-Buster Tools

Everyone is subjected to stress and anxiety at various points in their lives. Mental stress and anxiety are common problems that happen as a defense mechanism when our brain suspects any possible trouble. Stress can take place as a trigger response to situations such as immense emotional loads, illness, etc. In a fast-paced life, we tend to rush things as much as possible without giving ourselves the time to wind down. This creates tensions and unsolved emotions, which leads to stress and anxiety. While day-to-day stress is normal, having episodes of anxiety isn’t a good thing.

Stress, however, isn’t always a bad thing. It helps your body to adjust to situations by keeping us alert and vigilant. In danger, the stress induces a fight or flight mode, giving us a choice to stay or leave a certain place or situation. Stress can also help keep you motivated during an important task, such as exams, work presentations, etc.

So, how do you know if you are stressed? There are a few physical and mental indications of stress. They are -

  • Body aches and muscle pain
  • Pressure on the jaw bone 
  • Heart pounds faster than normal
  • Chest pain
  • Headaches
  • Feeling nauseous
  • Digestive problem
  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Issues related to sexual health

Excessive stress can lead to major mental health issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, etc. Disorders like Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are some of the most crucial ones that are likely to happen due to stress. If you think your anxiety bouts are prolonged and you keep worrying obsessively over trivial matters, experienced traumatizing incidents, it’s high time you need professional help.

If you feel stressed, your first job should be trying and managing the stress. There are numerous ways of managing your stress. You can try practicing yoga, take a few deep breaths, meditate, keep a journal to lower the stress levels. Anti-anxiety toys are great stress-busters as well. Playing with toys might sound counterproductive and somewhat funny for adults but trust us, these toys work pretty well. Today, we will be featuring some must-have anti-anxiety toys for adults.

Best Anti-Anxiety Toys For Adults

1. Fidget Spinner Set - 12 Packs

Fidget Spinner Set - Twiggy Tizzle

This is pretty basic but one of the most effective tools for stress relief. If you feel fidgety or tend to bite your nails unmindfully when you are anxious or feeling stressed, fidget Spinner stress reliever fidgets toy will distract you. Made from 608 Hybrid Ceramic Bearing with Zirconium Dioxide balls, you can spin it for 2-3 minutes depending on your power to spin it. They don’t only run smooth but look stylish as well. Perfect for people with ADHD, autism, anxiety, etc. This also helps adults increase their focus and boost productivity.

2. Stress Balls - Outer Space Galaxy

Stress balls are soft, squishy balls that are mainly used for relieving stress. Our collection of Outer Space Galaxy stress balls not only looks fantastic but has great uses. These squishy toys are great for providing relaxation and help you calm down in a few seconds. Our stress balls are made from high-quality and non-toxic rubber materials; that’s why they are safe to use by children. The great part about these 2.5 inches balls is they are super affordable and can be carried anywhere. You can store them in your work desk drawer as well. Apart from being a stress-reliever, these little balls can be used in any party games or for home decor purposes. 

3. Scalp Massager

Scalp Massagers aren’t only beneficial for blood circulation in the scalp but also a great relaxation tool. The scalp’s rubber tips on the edges put pressure on the scalp’s area to soothe the tension and help you relax. If you are going through stress or anxiety, using a scalp soother take you to a calmer and peaceful space of mind. It’s also an outstanding tool for reducing headaches and helps you sleep like a baby. Invest in a good scalp massager to reap the benefits.

4. Fidget Cube - Galaxy Space

If you suffer from restlessness due to stress or feel impatient, Fidget Cube will help you calm your impulse. An ace of stress-soother toy that is appropriate for everyone, including kids. The cube is made from high-quality ABS plastic, so it’s non-toxic and eco-friendly. The galaxy patterned print work overall delivers a nice, classy finish to the cube. They just don’t look pretty but provide great support for anxiety-prone people and can be a transcendent tool for killing time. The cubes are lightweight and fit inside pockets to be carried around or stored pretty easily. 

5. Stress Relief Polar Bear

Polar bears are some of the cutest bears in the world! Although going near them is dangerous, but we can’t deny that they are adorbs! So, what we can’t go near them? We have cutesy toys to fill the void and beat the stress! These polar bear stress-relieving toys are soft, cushiony toys that you can use to squeeze, press, or even cuddle to reduce your stress and anxiety. You can buy for yourself or gift your children, trust us, they will get obsessed with it.

6. Foot massager

Our feet take the most of the stress of your body. Bad shoe soles, heels, lack of foot massages, etc., can make our soles stressed and sore. Your feet’ sole has a few pressure points, which can help to calm down your mental and physical stress. And foot massagers are made keeping this in mind! They might look a little umm...intimidating but don’t judge by their look. You will know their benefits as soon as you put your feet on them. The nubs and ridges stimulate the pressure points to relieve you from stress and foot pain. Just try once; you won’t regret it.

7. Punching Ball

Is work stress giving you extreme stress and anxiety? Do you have temperament issues? This punching ball solves both. It is a powerful stress buster and anger management tool. The ball is very durable means that it take your heavy, aggressive punches very well. This is also helpful for improving your muscles and stimulating your brain. But don’t just start punching it with bare hands; you need a pair of boxer gloves for continuous punching. 

A Final Word

Stress management needs to be taken more seriously for the sake of mental health. Whenever you realize you are stressed, using one of these ultimate stress reliever toys can improve your mood and keep you calm. At Twiggy Tizzle, we want you to enjoy your life minus the stress and anxiety, and that’s why we bring various relaxation tools and technics for you and your loved ones.