Remember These Bath Bomb Packaging Tips Before Gifting Them To Someone!

Remember These Bath Bomb Packaging Tips Before Gifting Them To Someone!

There is no season or reason to give someone a gift. The smile on your loved ones when you gift them something is priceless. You don’t have to buy expensive stuff always, sometimes a relatively cheap gift like a bath bomb box set can be very practical and helpful for someone. Yes, you guessed it, right? We will be going to talk about bath bombs and gifts. So, get excited!

Bath bombs are usually a mixture of ingredients like essential oils, moisturizers, fragrance, and colors molded into shapes (balls, stars, etc.) and dried. They are used in the bath where you drop one and effervescence forms when they come in contact with water. Some are even designed to make you calm and relaxed. Very useful stuff! That’s why you need to gift these bath bombs to people you love. And do you know you can make bath bombs at home as well? Yes, if Lush bath bombs are expensive for you, do some DIY. 

But the problem with DIY bath bombs is the packaging. Bath bombs shouldn’t be exposed to any kind of moisture, or else they can release their fragrance and color. So you need to make sure your packaging is tight and waterproof to stop damaging the bombs. How to do so? Thought you’d never ask! We are here to let you knew a tip or two about bath bomb packaging.

1. Choose a durable box

The first step of picking up a box is to make sure your box is durable enough. Next, you can choose a different packaging company that provides various packaging boxes. These are professional packages which mean there is a guaranteed chance your products will be in safe hands. They are also giving you various printing options to choose from and make your package stand out. Remember, the durable and shatterproof your boxes, the better for your bath bombs. 

2. Enhance the looks!

Sturdy packaging alone won’t make your packaging look appealing. You need to amp up your creativity a bit! You can choose a different printing style or even grab some wrapping paper ideas. Gifting someone doesn’t require a tonne of embellishment in the packaging, to be honest. Use your imagination. You can draw something on the boxes or write something sweet or funny. There’s no stopping creativity! If you, however, own a small bath bomb shop, you can use different packaging techniques and inscribe.

3. Choose suitable boxes

Normally you won’t need to fuss about inscribing stuff onto the boxes, so you can skip that. Remember to use boxes to let the air pass through. A congested box made of plastic will prevent air from seeping inside, and this can make your bath bombs melt, which you won’t want. Cardboard boxes are, therefore, great options to look around. You can choose glossy finish boxes with beautiful colors and patterns or matte finish while still giving your box a superior look.

Best Bath Bomb Set 

Don’t have time for DIY gifts, and Lush makes your wallet cry? We hear you! And that’s why we have some of our faves on this list. 

Vitanass Bath Bombs

Vitanass bath bombs are made with ingredients like mineral salts, cocoa butter, baking soda, shea butter, etc., for aromatherapy and healing. The box comes in 8 bath bombs with different flavors such as Rose, Lemon, Mint, Ocean, Lavender, Vanilla, Milk, and Eucalyptus. Vitanass bath bombs are handmade, organic, and free of artificial dyes. The bath bombs won’t stain your skin.

Rainbow Bath Bombs

Infused with natural organic essential oil, Rainbow bath bombs are safe and gentle for your skin. The bombs contain mineral oils to give you moisturized skin. Unlike other bath bombs, these are suitable for children and sensitive skin. The bombs dissolve readily into the water and form gorgeous bubbles. Enriched with iron, calcium, zinc, and other minerals, these bombs won’t cause any rashes or skin irritation. Just drop one, and you will see a rainbow forming in the bath; your kids gonna love this!

Laguna Moon Bubble Blitz Themed Set

Laguna Moon Bubble Blitz set - phew, that’s a mouthful! Anyway, these balls are made of natural ingredients, so this doesn’t dry your skin and cause redness or irritation. Neither the bombs will stain. The bombs contain ingredients like sea salt, shea butter, and coconut oil. They are also infused with essential oils like lavender, peppermint, orange, lemon, and grapefruit to give you a relaxing bath and stress-free winding down. Each box contains 6 different bombs with unique names like Orange Juice, Lemon Tree, Purple Lavender, Chocolate Mint, La Vie En Rose, and Grapefruit Punch.

Aspaces Rainbow Bath Bombs

Aspaces Rainbow Bath Bombs

Aspaces rainbow bath bombs are made from cocoa butter, shea butter, organic coconut oil, and many other organic compounds. Thus they have extraordinary moisturizing abilities and do no harm to your skin. Using these bath bombs, you will feel your skin smooth, nourished, and glowing after every bath. The bombs come in various flavors like Coconut, Green Tea, Red Rose, Lavender, Ocean, Milk, etc. The bombs also contain essential oils to keep you cool and give you tranquility.

There is no need to worry about spending money on bath bombs anymore because we at Twiggy Tizzle believe in delivering good products at a great price range. We provide all kinds of bath bomb gift sets in the USA, so pick your favorite! 

On that note, whether you buy from us or simply make your version keep these packaging tips in mind. Hope today’s article was a helpful one. Ciao!